Chief Executive Officer

Company Name:
IT Universum LLC
Employer: IT Universum (Jericho, NY)
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Job duties and responsibilities:
Provide executive guidance and direction for the growth of business operations in the U.S. through short- and long-term business planning; Lead company's efforts to identify opportunities and develop strategies to strengthen company's brand and corporate presence in North America, as well as plan and coordinate development of sailing packages for the U.S. destinations; Direct and oversee strategic marketing for the company to determine the key parameters for marketing research and the most attractive sailing destinations for the U.S. clientele; Direct and coordinate financial activities of the company to ensure proper use of funds allocated for expansion throughout the U.S.; Control and oversee the development and marketing of the online platform www.go4sailing.com to expand the portfolio of U.S. charter firms on the Go4sailing online platform, increase awareness among the U.S. clientele, and attract more U.S. charter agencies to use the platform; Direct and oversee the process of s/w development for the U.S. yachting and related industries to facilitate charter planning and management, quality control and operation; Oversee progress of research and development of industry-oriented s/w, including new features for Go4Sailing platform and additional Digital Editions and Mobile Apps for sailing clubs, charter and travel agencies; Direct and manage the promotion and launch of the Crew ManagerIT solution to better manage the fleet and profitability of the yachts; Conduct business analysis for each of the IT solutions suggested by IT Project Manager and Marketing Director in terms of their potential profitability for the company; Analyze reports on Go4sailing platform and Crew Manager Solution performance, confer with the COO, Marketing Director, and IT Project Manager on improvements for the platform; Direct and coordinate the process of formation of strategic business alliances and partnership agreements with the U.S. and European companies; Identify U.S. companies for successful cooperation on providing sailing crews, service staff and other supplies for operations within North American aquatoria, and direct the creation of joint ventures and strategic partnerships with Sailing Associations, national sailing clubs, yacht manufacturers, large tourist agencies and marinas in the key tourist destinations; Coordinate development of a model for Yacht Investments in partnership with a U.S. charter agencies; Approve/disapprove the budgeting and funding requests for marketing campaigns, s/w development projects and public relations; Analyze business operations to evaluate performance of a company in meeting objectives and to determine areas of potential cost reduction, issues calling for changes to the business plan, operating strategy, and internal policies; Approve/disapprove and execute contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal and state agencies, etc.; Represent the company at key events for the U.S. charter industry such as Miami Boat Show and Annapolis Boat Show, as well as at the conventions and meetings that are critical to increase brand awareness; Use the full MS Office Pro Suite (MS Access/Project/Visio/PowerPoint/Excel Solver), SPSS, ERP s/w (MS Dynamics AX; Oracle E-Business Suite; Oracle PeopleSoft; SAP), HR s/w (Halogen e360; Halogen ePraisal; HRIS; Infor SSA), project management s/w (HCSS HeavyBid; HCSS HeavyJob; MS Advertising Atlas Search), other business process s/w to plan, control, evaluate and manage company's business operations and financial activities.
Required experience/education: at least 6 months of proven relevant experience in yachting industry, including executive guidance of charter planning and expansion of sailing packages, coordination of development, marketing and promotion of industry-related s/w. Master's in Economics, MBA, or related.
Knowledge/skills required:
Profound knowledge of business management and organizational effectiveness involved in strategic business planning, resource allocation, and customer-focused product development in the yachting industry; Demonstrated knowledge of principles and methods for promoting and selling products/services, marketing strategy and sales techniques for sailing packages; Strong ability to effectively monitor companys competitive advantages strategy in the yacht charter industry; Demonstrated ability to perform economic forecasting, risk/investment analysis and financial modeling, and to prepare and control operational budgets; Solid understanding of economic and accounting principles and practices, statistics and financial analysis; Strong management and entrepreneurial skills, prioritization and multitasking skills, leadership and people-management skills, persuasive powers; Exceptionally good analytical and strategic thinking, deft problem solving ability; Powerful oral/written presentation to effectively communicate the marketing message through various means of communications; Working proficiency with full MS Office Pro Suite (MS Access/Project/Visio/PowerPoint/Excel Solver), SPSS, ERP s/w (MS Dynamics AX; Oracle E-Business Suite; Oracle PeopleSoft; SAP), HR s/w (Halogen e360; Halogen ePraisal; HRIS; Infor SSA), project management s/w (HCSS HeavyBid; HCSS HeavyJob; MS Advertising Atlas Search), and other business process s/w.
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